Hering opens kiosks and strengthens its domain in the T-shirt branch

Hering POP kiosk gathers special products with proprietary and licensed prints aligned with current narratives

Expressing identity and preferences from a pure cotton T-shirt from Brazil’s most beloved brand made it even easier for those in love with the pop universe. Consumers can view at a new Hering store model in kiosk format where the Hering POP line is exclusively sold. A mix of t-shirts addressing issues such as behavior, series, movies, games, music, and literature. Named Hering POP Kiosk.

To develop its special product line, Hering has gone deeper into a youthful language to reinforce the brand’s t-shirts as icons of humor and attitude – drawing on its proprietary style and renowned knitwear. Irreverent T-shirts have been part of Hering’s history since the 1970s when the item became an icon of a generation’s behavioral manifestation.

With Hering POP, the idea is to facilitate the choice of items that allow the consumers to express themselves with prints that begin subjects and generate conversations. The kiosks will work with a portfolio of basic and printed t-shirts, as well as those with special editions of the characters most loved worldwide. Therefore, the brand will keep up to date with current POP culture themes without limiting itself to a specific subject. This is yet another Hering strategy to collaborate with the consumers’ journey and experience and uncomplicate their choices.

Following a tendency and an easily accessible consumer need, the kiosks will offer consumers the option of customizing the line’s products through the brand’s e-commerce, where the public can make their purchases from screens available at these sales points. This is made possible by setting up hub stores in each region with printers for printing and shipping parts.

Shopping malls, department stores, airports, colleges, and supermarkets are environments that can receive the new business model. Also, by offering the option of assembly and disassembly, the furniture can adapt to spaces of temporary sales, such as fairs and corporate events.