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cia. hering!

We are not, and nor do we want to be, just another company. For 140 years, we have been looking at life in more lighthearted, more human, more straightforward way. This definitely never goes out of style.

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Cia. Hering: together,

we make things happen.

It is with pride in our history and an entrepreneurial spirit that we evolve and create value, day after day.

We know our consumers, we manage our brands, we know what to produce, and, most of all, we deliver unique products.
We work to deliver the best experience possible, and we are constantly reinventing ourselves, in order to create value day after day, in a lighthearted and straightforward way.

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We create and share value with all stakeholders in our network. Here, we bring together people and true causes.

We are Brazil’s largest clothing franchise network!


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Digital transformation is one more chapter in our story, wherein we are working and evolving to remain close to the people who interact with our brands. Omnichannel offers our consumers convenience and practicality, since it allows them to purchase and pick up the product how and where is easiest for them! The different sales channels complement each other to meet the current demands of consumers – in a human and straightforward way.