Hering #HeringEvoceJuntinhos

My style is lighthearted, casual, beautiful, and real. I am Brazil’s Basics!

Comfort combined with quality, tradition, and style. Original because I have history, because I am unique, and because I have a product that is different from the rest, that has always been by your side. I’m that t-shirt that made history. Ready to be worn and lived in.

My essence is to be simple, straightforward. Clothing that shows you that it’s not about the clothing. That makes you feel like yourself. That is worn for life.

I am Hering.

Hering Kids

I value the freedom to play and explore, with the comfort that lets freedom fly. One of the most beautiful things to see is the curiosity of a child, and I celebrate this innocence, that experimentation, and the big little discoveries.

I am worn by kids who live a true childhood – one where they are free to be and to learn!

For them, everything is new, and being a child is a singular experience. Singular in time. Singular in life. Singular for each person. I believe that kids’ clothing should be at the full service of childhood, enabling freedom and always wearing what matches best with the way they explore and experience the world around them. I drive childhood discoveries.

I am Hering Kids.


At DZARM, we believe in fashion that fits people’s lives and style that allows for effortless personal expression. We have been part of Cia Hering for 25 years and, together with it, we have taken versatile, cool and timeless fashion to every corner of Brazil with a phygital shopping journey aligned with our consumers’ desires. We care about offering choices that balance high quality, design and price, in addition to leaving a positive impact on the world, with increasingly sustainable collections. DZARM has three own stores in São Paulo, e-commerce, 22 licensed stores and is present in more than 1,700 multi-brand stores throughout Brazil.