With 40 years of history, PUC is re-launched, and its purpose is to redefine “making art”

Children’s brand will draw inspiration from “making art, coloring the future” to connect the collective, fashion, playful, and family pillars that will guide PUC’s new position

Four decades have passed since PUC entered the children’s clothing market and became synonymous with attitude and style through its colorful and printed clothing that intensified the brightness, vibration, and joy of the little ones. Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2019, the brand refines its strategy and connects with the spirit of time, with art as its source of inspiration.

According to the director of New Business of the Hering company and brand manager, Romael Soso, PUC is now meeting the needs and desires of consumers with an updated and true value proposition with its history. This relationship manifests itself in three major pillars: brand, product, and channels. “Repositioning a brand with 40 years of history requires the consistency, coherence, and integration of these three elements, always looking for a short and long-term horizon,” says the executive.

To mark this moment, PUC chose art to connect to the collective, fashion, playful, and family pillars, which will direct the new steps of the brand. “Concerning the collective, art brings together various groups and helps to develop the more human side of the little ones. For fashion, art adds a more creative, dreamy tone. In the playful universe, art invites children to create new worlds and to imagine possibilities for the future. In the family circle, and with its democratic character, art unites everyone in the family in a moment”, explains the director.

In this context, PUC will offer a lifestyle curation that goes beyond the product, the value proposition will focus on an assortment of new categories relevant to children allied to products with a refined aesthetic; all with a look at socio-environmental responsibility, diversity, collective incentive, and concern for the planet, as well as understanding diversity.

The brand will also deliver experience, driving the generation of free and playful spaces for little ones to create, dream, and have the means to imagine and color a new future; technology will be at the service of experience and will work on personalized content, expanding the conversations with the families.

The new store project, which is inspired by parks and children’s squares, will have a fully open-front environment, without showcases and with much interactivity. The ultimate objective is for these stores to become a social hub for the entire family, generating entertainment and shopping experience.